Decluttering Before You Move

By: Norma Watson

Whether you are moving yourself or you’re hiring someone to do it for you, moving is a sheer state of pandemonium. I don’t know about you, but when I don’t have some sort of plan in place, things around me seem to spiral out of control like a Kansas twister. A plan does not have to be elaborate to be effective. Simple tips can help relieve the stress and make you feel more organized and in control during the move process. Listed below are a few helpful tips to keep you moving forward. Remember, one step at a time and breath, you got this!

Good Riddance to Rubbish

Liberate yourself from all the “stuff” that you don’t need, want or use. If you are anything like me you have many wonderful treasures, but if you have not used it or wore it in the last year or if you won’t use it in your new home, get rid of it. If it is something you want to keep or if you won’t use it immediately after you move, go ahead and box it up.


So this task is less overwhelming, do it in piece meal. Pick one room and make it a goal to clean it out in a day or week depending on when your move day is. Clean out anything that holds your possessions; closets, drawers cabinets, shelves, etc. and place the item(s) into corresponding labeled boxes such as garage sale (extra moving money), donate (tax deduction), keep or trash. Once you have all the items boxed, clean the room and shut the door. Viola! You did it! Good job!

Use, Use, Use

Household staples take up room. Canned goods, perishables, paper goods, cleaning supplies and flammables, (propane and gas) all take up space and weight. The propane and gas cannot be transported by moving companies. Use them up or give them away to your neighbors. Invite all your friends over for a moving party. Get creative with your kitchen pantry, layout your spread of delicious “whatever” and nosh down. Then have a cleaning jam session after the food to burn off the calories and use up those cleaning supplies! Give away the rest, I mean who doesn’t love free stuff!!??



Investing in good sturdy boxes is essential to an organized move. They are made to protect your fragile household items and come in a variety of sizes making them easier to pack, seal, label and stack. Your movers will love you for thinking of them and their backs!

Moving File

While you are cleaning, organizing and disposing, gather all your important paper documents you will need during and after the move. Things like birth certificates, social security cards, medical and dental records, bank records, any paperwork you may need first when you arrive at your new digs. Put all these items in a file and keep it with you during your move. No ripping boxes open in a frantic panic to find that document, you got it covered!

Moving Day box

See, as I said before, you got this! So go ahead, dig in and “git’er done”. You are moving forward.

[Norma Watson has been a member of the Two Men and a Truck family since April 2013. She has learned the tricks of the trade by helping hundreds of customers book their moves. Her tips will not only help you stay calm when packing up your home, but help you eliminate excessive clutter and start fresh at your new place.]


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